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Agency Profile

This section will cover basic agency information, from ownership type to agency management system to benefit plans your agency offers. This section will give us high-level details on who your agency is.


Are you a member of an alliance, cluster, or aggregator? Who are your carrier appointments with -- what are your premium volumes, commissions, co-op dollars received, etc? This section will ask who you've partnered with over the last 3 years.

Book of Business

This section is where you will enter in the dollar amounts of your premiums and commissions from the previous five years (e.g. 2014-2018), as well as indicate if you have acquired or divested any books of business.

Employee Roster

The last section is where you enter employee-specific information for your entire roster, including name, role, birth date, compensation, annual bonus and percent of ownership.

In addition, please read all of the information below before you proceed:


  • As you complete each of the five sections, please use only the navigation buttons in the bottom-left corner of the form to save and move between sections. Please do not use the browser's back button, as you will lose the data you input in that section.

Save & Continue:

  • If you need to complete the form at a later time, you can use the "Save & Continue Later" link! The "Save & Continue Later" option allows you to save your work and return to the form at a later time from any computer using a customized link. You can either enter your email address to receive the link via email or copy the link directly for your records. Please note that the link will expire after 30 days.


  • To provide you with a better experience, this form will pre-populate with your information in the future after you complete the form this year!

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  • If you have any questions or run into issues while filling out your Profile, please contact us -- we're here to help!

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